AirGap Wallet

In addition to the Base æpp, AE live net token users can now make transactions through the mobile AirGap Wallet.

The app can be installed on Android and iOS or Google Chrome extension.

Offline Device

With AirGap’s two device approach, you can sign transactions completely offline on a device without any network connectivity with the AirGap Vault application and broadcast them with your every-day smartphone with the AirGap Wallet app.

Same Device

Instead of installing AirGap Vault on an offline device, you can also install AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet on your every-day phone and profit from added security through application sandboxing and app switching for communication.

Google Chrome Extension

Use AirGap Wallet and the companion mobile application AirGap Vault installed on an offline mobile devices for transaction signing with the highest security standard.
With AirGap Wallet your secret is handled on another devices within the AirGap Vault application, this means that no private key is ever exposed on your online devices and in your browser.