In an effort to further develop an ever expanding blockchain ecosystem, aeternity Ventures is proud to announce two new strategic partnerships with Comrade Cooperative. We strongly believe that collaborations such as these are the key to achieving our common goals.

Joining forces with Comrade Cooperative

The Comrade Cooperative and æternity Ventures have also created an alliance for strategic partnership in the field of developing innovative blockchain projects. Founded only six months ago, the Comrade Cooperative is quickly becoming a talent powerhouse for real life applications of decentralized technologies. Comrade aims to be the first fully functional example of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed on the blockchain. The framework they are building, called Wetonomy, will give teams, companies and organizations the ability to collaborate, share profits, finance ideas and award contributions, all governed by the transparency of smart contracts on the blockchain. The partnership is also structured in an innovative way to facilitate the funding of other early stage businesses.

Todor Kolev, head Chairman of the Comrade Cooperative said, “We are excited to have Aeternity Ventures as a partner, representing one of the new major blockchain projects with a strong presence in Bulgaria. Together we will work towards our shared goal to conceptualize, build and invest in the organizations of the future.”

Nikola Stojanow, CEO of aeternity Ventures added: “Comrade is an important initiative which is not only innovative but also driving the ecosystem. The teams around Todor Kolev have great technical minds to guide them and are focusing on important issues that need to be addressed, like finding alternative ways for financing early-stage ideas.”