Have you ever thought of supporting Æternity beyond the virtual realm? Do you want to help get the word out and become a part of a thriving ecosystem to shape the world of tomorrow? Then what are you waiting for?

Create the local Æternity community in your neighborhood by organizing regular meetups and represent us as an Æmbassador! Join the Global Æmbassador Program and we will support you with anything you need to bring Æternity to your city.

In 2017, a Meetup Bounty was organized and more than 50 Æternity meetup events were held in cities worldwide — from Kenya to Bratislava, Australia to Mexico City. We are confident that the Æmbassador program will be even more successful.

As an Æternity Æmbassador, you will receive relevant materials to help you present Æternity in the best possible way, as well as logistical and organizational suggestions and friendly support for your event. Apart from supporting Æternity, organizing meetups will allow you to expand your professional networks; you might even get invited to some interesting conferences and events!

If you’re interested in participating, please fill in this form so the Æternity team can learn more about you. We are always looking for enthusiastic supporters to bring our message to the world.

Everyone is welcome to get on board and start shaking up the rigid structures of life as we know it — Æternity is here to last! 🙂

If you have questions, post them in the Æmbassador Program category in the Forum or reach out to æternity’s Global Æmbassador, Erik Vollstädt, via mail (mailto:erik@aeternity.com)