As you all know we have been moving fast and steadily towards building a fully scalable blockchain smart contract platform with integrated state channels, oracles, Naming System and Bitcoin-NG all on the protocol level. All of these upgrades and developments have rendered some of our most important tutorials outdated which are crucial for having new developers joining our ecosystem of hyper-scalable æpps and blockchain services! We are asking the community to help us fix these outdated tutorials so we can onboard and educate new, young programmers continuously without interruptions caused by the breaking changes of our rapid core protocol development. 

The following tutorials need to be prioritized in this bounty, with a reward of $150 in AE tokens each:    

TUTORIAL: [How to Get Testnet Funds?]


TUTORIAL: [Deploying a Smart Contract on æternity with “forgae”](

TUTORIAL: [Deploying Sophia smart contracts with init parameters](

TUTORIAL: [Sophia basics – owning a smart contract and owner privileges](

TUTORIAL: [How to Get Started With Unit Testing Using forgae](

TUTORIAL: [How to write Unit tests for Sophia smart contracts – Part 1](

TUTORIAL: [How to write Unit tests for Sophia smart contracts – Part 2](

TUTORIAL: [Smart Contract usage with the Javascript SDK](

We will start with these tutorials and once they have been fixed, we can offer fixing other tutorials. Bounty payments will depend on our review, there will be no payment as long as the Pull Request hasn’t been approved / tutorial improved to full usability. Please don’t forget to mention your AE address in your Pull Requests. This is an ongoing bounty as the core development keeps causing changes for our tutorials, so you can feel free to make multiple contributions to the same tutorials over the months as the environment keeps changing. We really want our community to become more involved in our development activities and this bounty could be your first step towards joining the æternity ecosystem 🙂