The æternity community has been hard at work on delivering unmatched efficiency, transparent governance, and global scalability. Through consistent development towards improving both new and existing technical features, æternity is closing the gap between blockchain development and commercial, massive scale use cases. The project’s unique stack includes a cutting edge Layer 1 technology, the most efficient state channels implementation in the industry, oracles that enable integration of real-world data, a user-friendly naming system for account addresses, on-chain scaling with the Bitcoin NG protocol, and  more. 

After months of development since the launch of the æternity mainnet in November of 2018, the project is ready to showcase its technological and business accomplishments at the æternity Universe One Conference, the first major æcosystem event dedicated to cutting-edge blockchain technology, research excellence, and real-world applications.  Since there is a lot to cover, the conference is divided into two tracks: one dedicated to programmers and hackers, and one focused on entrepreneurs, businesses, and decentralized applications. The event is dedicated to developers, smart contract experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. If you are reading this, then you will love Universe One!

Building the Future of the Blockchain and æternity: The Developer Track

To kick things off for the developer-centric audience, Emin Mahrt, who oversees daily operations for æternity’s developer teams, will share the latest roadmap, highlight the progress that has been achieved so far, and set the expectations for the near future. Dr. Erik Stenman will then discuss virtual machines and the advantages of the Fast æternity Transaction Engine—how it compares to other VM solutions out there. FATE is custom-built to run functional Sophia smart contracts and is instrumental for bringing user-friendly, secure, and efficient decentralized applications to mainstream industries. 

Think Solidity, but orders of magnitude more scalable.

All this will be followed by a deeper dive into related topics such as the future of blockchain governance and tokenocracy according to Sascha Hanse, æternity’s Chief of Blockchain Research. After a quick break, the conversation will focus on how State Channels technology enables off-chain scaling of transactions and smart contracts, run by one of æternity’s Erlang superstars and senior developers, Ulf Wiger. . Dr. Hans Svensson and Dincho Todorov will discuss the customization process of blockchain transaction signing and how to best implement site reliability engineering in a decentralized project. 

The most delicious treats will actually come after the lunch break, which is a great opportunity to network with other participants and members of the æcosystem and community, with Nikita Fuchs’ presentation comparing æternity to Ethereum on a technical level. 

The best part is that these are just some of the topics that will be presented on day one.  For the full agenda – visit the Universe One website.

Day two will kick off with a discussion on æpp development including Stoyan Vasilev’s talk about his work on the Base æpp—æternity’s primary wallet which serves as the user’s window into the æpps ecosystem. His talk will be followed by a discussion on state channels, æternity’s primary scalability solution, by Dimitar Ivanov, one of the engineers who developed the project’s state channel client. Participants will learn how State Channels technology will enable mainstream dapps, why it is hard to develop, and what the main advantages of æternity’s implementation of the technology are. The day will conclude with a presentation by Thomas Arts on how to automatically generate tests for blockchain transactions and make sure that a blockchain protocol works as expected.

Throughout the conference, participants will be able to join hands-on workshops conducted by some of the most experienced community developers. The workshops present a unique opportunity to quickly learn how to start building on æternity. You will have the chance to run your own æternity node, learn how to mine AE tokens, and develop your first Sophia smart contract. This could very well be the first step towards realizing your blockchain business idea! 

Enter the Univærse

If you are into the technological aspects of blockchain technology, Universe One’s dev-focused track spanning two full days is definitely the place to be. æternity’s global community of experienced blockchain engineers will help you get the answers you need to take your idea to the next level. Learn more and get a ticket at