A natural evolution of æternity’s Drone Graffiti project, the Graffiti Project is a live, collaborative, interactive, token-driven art installation based on æternity blockchain technology. 

The first ever live Graffiti Project artwork differentiates itself from its predecessor by focusing more on blockchain functionality, unleashing collective creativity to create a collaborative digital canvas uniting hundreds of images from artists and users worldwide to make the first  crowdsourced digital painting, immortalized on the æternity blockchain.

Using the Graffiti Project æpp, users worldwide are able to upload creative content leveraging the blockchain’s core feature of a public, immutable record, secured by the laws of physics. This allows for a digital artwork to become permanent and accessible to a global audience.

The Graffiti Project establishes an innovative creative medium, enabling a supranational community to collaborate on digital artworks. The artworks are secured by a decentralized, censorship-resistant, transparent platform where they will remain unchanged and open to all, for æternity.

Try out the Graffiti Project æpp during Universe One and join us in creating a blockchain-secured artwork!

Catch it live in the upcoming Showcases:

Ars Electronica Festival “OUT of the BOX”:  5th – 9th September 2019 

æternity Universe One:  20th – 21st September 2019 

Follow the Graffiti Project on Instagram and Twitter and get the latest updates.

Instagram: @drone_graffiti

Twitter: @drone_graffiti

Website: https://graffiti.carrd.co/

Use the Graffiti Project æpp to upload an image and create an artwork on our collaborative digital canvas. Repost it in this Graffiti Project-dedicated Telegram group and get rewards and tips in AE to play more! 

This project is possible thanks to æternity crypto foundation

In creative partnership with Crypto Art Lab, Martin Gremse and YAIR

How to Use the Graffiti Project æpp:

Use the Graffiti Project aepp during Ars Electronica – 5th-9th September – and æuniverse One – 20th-21st September – to take part in this historic milestone!

To participate, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Download the æternity Base æpp (wallet) from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store or go to base.aepps.com to access the progressive app. Make sure you have version 0.9.0 or a later version in the app settings.
  • If you do not have an æternity wallet yet, follow the app instructions to create one.
  • No AE Tokens? Get some by joining the dedicated Telegram Group. Look for @graffiti_project on Telegram! You need AE tokens to upload an image!
  • Open the Graffiti Project æpp in the Base æpp apps tab. You can also type in graffiti.aeternity.com in the Base æpp search bar. Initialize the æpp and follow the instructions to upload your image. 
  • The Graffiti æpp will work its magic to transform your image into digital graffiti.
  • Fun! Adjust the transformation parameters of your image or start over with a new one.
  • Love it? Position your digital graffiti where you want it on the digital canvas.
  • Take note of the estimated time for the æpp to complete your graffiti artwork at the image dimensions and file size you specified.
  • Go time! Participate in the auction to bid for the space needed. Don’t forget: you must have AE tokens to do that.
  • Sit back. Watch your art appear magically on the online digital canvas!
  • Congratulations! You just created an artwork on a decentralized, censorship-resistant, transparent platform where it will remain unchanged and open to all—for æternity!